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Before the Æsir, there were the Vanir. 

A site-specific fusion of Neo-Nordic folk music, classical theater, dance, shadow puppetry, and fire arts; VANAHEIMR reimagines the prophecies of Ragnarök from the perspective of the lesser-known pantheon of Norse gods and goddesses, the Vanir.

The production will be performing outside over several weekends at Powderhorn Park in December 2023.

A sold-out preview production of the show was performed at the Cedar Cultural Center December 22, 2022. Photos by Hal Lovemelt.

More info coming soon.


Written and Directed by Nat Allister
Dramaturgy by Fionn Mallon
Narration by Willie Johnson & Rhiannon Fiskradatz
Composed by Walken Schweigert
Performed by Walken Schweigert, Alma Engebretson, Josh Conroy, Willow Waters, & Nat Allister
Puppetry by Becca Mellstrom, Kate Tobie, Kallie Melvin, & Fionn Mallon
Dance by Dom Locke & David Skaurud
Lighting by Trevor Zapiecki
Costuming by Kathy Kohl & Rhiannon Fiskradatz
Set Design by Nat Allister

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