a story of the Arabian Nights

As the nights pass, the tellers start to become the told. From a collaboration between writers Nat Allister and Heather Beckett comes an intricately woven retelling of an ancient story.

Tarocco 2016

 A Soldier's Tale

The Lovers. The Hanged Man. Death.

The southeastern tour of a very strange saga, based on the Fool's Journey of the Tarot. 


Winner - Outstanding Touring Production (Best of the Triangle 2016)

Tarocco 2015

 A Soldier's Tale

Trapped behind enemy lines, an Italian soldier comforts a dying comrade using stories from an ancient deck of Italian playing cards. 


 A Zoological Circus for the Stage

Pisces. Amphibia. Reptilia. Insectum. Mammalia. Aves.

An old man sells dreams of evolution to a curious young boy. 

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