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"Goodnight, Absalom!"
A Mad & Dusty Operetta Set in the Glorious Wild West

In the sin-ridden town of Absalom, a surreal chess match is played between two railroad barons. Their strange game moves through a series of unique vignettes in which the unfortunate chess pieces find themselves made to do battle inside a prison they do not fully understand.



The Death & Burial of Poor Cock Robin

"Who'll make the shroud?

I, said the Beetle,

With my thread and needle,

I'll make the shroud..."

You are invited to step inside the dark wilderness of a very old poem, examining COVID-19 and the future of our species in the very first immersive Fox & Beggar production.


 a story of the Arabian Nights

As the nights pass, the tellers start to become the told. From a collaboration between writers Nat Allister and Heather Beckett comes an intricately woven retelling of an ancient story.

Tarocco 2016

 A Soldier's Tale

The Lovers. The Hanged Man. Death.

The southeastern tour of a very strange saga, based on the Fool's Journey of the Tarot. 

Winner - Outstanding Touring Production (Best of the Triangle 2016)

Tarocco 2015

 A Soldier's Tale

Trapped behind enemy lines, an Italian soldier comforts a dying comrade using stories from an ancient deck of Italian playing cards. 


 A Zoological Circus for the Stage

Pisces. Amphibia. Reptilia. Insectum. Mammalia. Aves.
An old man sells dreams of evolution to a curious young boy.