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"Goodnight, Absalom!"
A Mad & Dusty Operetta Set in the Glorious Wild West

In the sin-ridden town of Absalom, a surreal chess match is played between two railroad barons. Their strange game moves through a series of unique vignettes in which the unfortunate chess pieces find themselves made to do battle inside a prison they do not fully understand.

The show was created as a two-week residency at the Lookout Arts Quarry in August 2020 and will be going on tour around the Great Lakes region in September 2021. 



Before the Aesir, there were the Vanir. 

A site-specific fusion of revisionist Norse cosmology, Nordic folk music, contemporary ballet, giant puppetry, and fire dancing; VANAHEIMR reimagines the prophecies of Ragnarök from the perspective of the lesser-known tribe of gods and goddesses, the Vanir. 

Coming to the Twin Cities December 2022

Stay tuned for more info.