"Goodnight, Absalom!"

Touring the Great Lakes
September 2021

"And woe upon the people of Absalom, for on that same Sunday morning that Don Carlos rode into town, so too arrived Don Enrique de Espada, Il Lupo Bianco, the infamous Baron of Bones up and down the Wide Western Frontier..."

In the sin-ridden town of Absalom, two demonic robber barons play a very strange game of chess for very high stakes. Packed with physical antics, song, dance, a live Spaghetti Western band, and a barrage of Faulkner references; "Goodnight, Absalom!" examines the big business of cultural polarization in America with a uniquely dark wit. 

"Goodnight, Absalom!" was safely created and filmed by a twelve-person cast at the Lookout Arts Quarry in August of 2020. Partly made possible by a generous donation from ArtsWA and Allied Arts of Whatcom County.

The show will be touring through Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, and Duluth in September 2021. 


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Yeji Keating

A mighty Aphrodite of dance and movement, Yeji has been a performer and worker of body-spells for years. Blessed are those who witness her embodiment of light through kinetic studies, as are those fellow artists who get to collaborate with her luscious and generous presence. When she’s not dancing, she’s rapping for communal change, naming with clear sight the actions of societal illness and empowering those around her with her own truths of power and peace.