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2021 Oregon Fringe Festival Honorarium R

In the sin-ridden town

of Absalom, two

sinister robber barons

play a very strange

game of chess for

very high stakes. 

“This is no Cirque du Soleil. It’s better.”
     - Triangle Arts & Entertainment

“[The Fox & Beggar Theater] uses complex imagery, thrilling stunts and elaborate choreography to stimulate the subconscious minds of the audience. For those who wish life was more like a Salvador Dali painting, this is the play to see.”
     - Mountain Xpress     

“The Fox & Beggar Theater staged an amazing show, drawing the largest crowd i’ve seen in my nine years here. In addition to dazzling special effects, the production flowed seamlessly and raised the bar on what theater can and should do.”
     - John Russell, Managing Director, the Montford Park Players

“Dynamic, provocative, a tapestry of dreams unwoven into theater…this is a performance to remember!”
     - Ehren Cruz, Performing Arts Director, LEAF Community Arts     

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